Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Its soul goes marching on


The 8th World Congress was not too hot on the Internet. It did of course have a URL (ce-worldcongress2013.org) but when the consortium of German organisations behind WC8 was dissolved following the Congress no residual organisation was left behind with responsibility to maintain it.

The International Pető Association apparently takes no superordinate reponsibility, so with no body left to pay the annual fee for the URL,  the Congress website lapsed.

Unless one attended the Congress itself and brought away one of the Abstracts books, or can find a copy of this in a library somewhere, there is now no comprehensive way of finding out even what was mentioned in the sessions, posters and other formal activities.

The Congress apparently made no arrangement arrange to leave a trace on the Wayback Machine (Internet Archive).

As with many unrecorded and unarchived activities in Conductive Education, it is as if it never happened.

Internet archeology

As part of the run-up and preparation of the Congress the program and abstracts were assembled on a quite different website.

When the Congress occurred, links to these materials were removed from public view – but they are still up there in Cyberspace, freely available and searchable. You can enter this collection most convenienttly here:

This site is run by AMSYS, the abstract management system. The collection is not 100% complete, and its presentation is a little on the rough side, but all the same it stands as an invaluable resource to future scholars, students, and anyone investigating Conductive Education. Perhaps one or more of the German organisations that was in the Congress consortium might like to ensure that it remains up there on the public record.

Surely some body cares enough.

Meanwhile, in another part of the Internet:


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