Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Familiar mechanism under way again

From Taranaki, Michel Ong reports that the Neilson family take their three-year old son to weekly two-hour sessions with Conductive Education Waikato at Woodstock School in Hamilton, for which Mr Neilson makes a six-hour round trip, driving from home in Taranaki and back.

There are four other children in the Taranaki region making similar journeys, with another two starting soon. Now they are looking open a local unit, for which they will have to raise NZ$ 150,000 'to get the unit running, and a specialist teacher hired from Hungary'.

Into the future...

On top of of the NZ$ 150,000 the new venture will then of course need to be sustained, and paid for, year after year into an unknowable future.

There are problems with this cell-division model of expansion, but the model can and does work, not just in New Zealand.

Good luck to the Nielsons and all those others who might benefit from local developments, in Taranaki and elsewhere.


Ong, M. (2004) Parents and Zak in it for the long haul: special needs school needed, Tarakanki Daily News Online, 13 October

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