Wednesday, 1 October 2014


That's nice, isn't it?

I am not sure how I feel about this – though from what I see it seems that many people who have a connections with the cerebral palsies seem to feel it unproblematically 'nice'. I am very suspicious of umproblematical nices. Perhaps I am wrong in this, and perhaps I am the only lonely curmudgeon who thinks that the very notion of 'cerebral palsy' is a problem in itself and that a 'day', whatever other purposes it might serve, also stamps that questionable notion ever deeper into the public consciousness.

I suppose therefore that my contribution to today's festivities should be to suggest that a hard look ought to be taken at this supposed diagnosis, the legitimacy of any diagnosis's serving as the basis for categorising the human circumstances (including the problems) of living, and the persisting extraordinary separation of cerebral palsies and other motor disorders from the rest of special education.

I suppose that I could have elaborated on this position and submitted it, but I felt that such an a priori consideration was not a likely vote-winner.

In the meantime, I know that Conductive Education places around the world, are making their own contributions. Here are two examples, both nice:

What message, though, does Conductive Education as such have to offer the world of cerebral palsy?

Recently Norman Perrin asked on line whether Conductive Education has a 'distinctive view' of cerebral palsy. Well, does it?



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