Friday, 5 September 2014


Still no academic obituaries

I am still waiting more or less patiently for the slow world of academic publishing to come up with a obituary or two for Reuven Feuerstein. I do not know what is a reasonable time to keep waiting but hope that I might still be surprised.

So far this seems to suggest how established systems of thinking and practice, in this case psychology and education, deal with those who stand outside dominant paradigms. They tend to ignore them, and forget.

Something for Feuerstein-buffs

Meanwhile, something that might prove rather useful for those who maintain Reuven's memory and practices, and seek to convey these to others – a brief, dry outline account of his life that certainly beats hagiography:

This biographical sketch (not an obituary) was published in the Netherlands by StiBCO, the Dutch Association for the Advancement of Cognitive Education  (though it is marked '©ICELP').


(n.d.) A Biography Prof. R. Feuerstein, Bodegraven, STiBCO

Two earlier postings on Conductive World

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Sutton, A. (2014) Reuven Feuerstein: a token obituary, Conductive World, 14 June



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