Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Refreshing The Conductive Post

Three new Conductive Education blogs have been added to TCP (The Conductive Post):

All three are in French and come from three of the small 'schools' that currently typify conductive services in France. They differ in content and format but have in common a certain freshness.

The three new blogs are:
Not to forget the first and most developed of them all:


TCP is a 'blog of blogs', automatically publishing links to new postings appearing in designated blogs in real time. Links to older and discontinued blogs and postings are archived.

TCP was devised by conductor Ben Foulger and is published by Conduction.

From time to time TCP publishes guest postings, as Special Features

All the blogs published on TCP are searchable through the search box at the top of its page.


Most conductive blogging has been English. TCP has also linked to blogs published in Portuguese, Rumanian and Hungarian, though these particular blogs are no longer active.


Sutton. A. (2011) The Conductive Post: a blog of blogs, Conductive World, 13 February

Sutton. A. (2014) Vive la France! Vive l'éducation conductive! Conductive World, 11 September

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