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Gabi Földi is a fine linguist in more than one language, and writes excellent English. She served as personal secretary to Mária Hári, going back I think into the late 1980s, then in analogous posts through all subsequent administrations. Over many years under various regimes she likely accumulated the best worldwide contact list at the Pető Institute.

Yesterday I received, by email what might be a Round Robin to people in Gabi's email address book –

Gabriella Földiné Németh

Dear Dr. Sutton,

Please allow me to inform you of a change that was preceded by long preparatory arrangements and affects our Institute significantly.

On 4 July 2014 the Hungarian Parliament decided that the Peto Institute was to become under state maintenance and, among others, that its public education institute was to obtain laboratory school status. The nationalisation took place on 1 September 2014. From that date the institution operates as Peto Andras Foiskola (Andras Peto College). This means legal succession and thus we resume the previously commenced work. The change in the maintenance does not cause any change in our college training. My colleagues and myself are striving to continue and advance the results of the past 50 years and to furnish future conductors by completion of their studies and entry into the profession with high-standard and steady knowledge and great commitment. In accordance with our tradition, our practice institutions offer development, care and provision to those in need from infancy to old age while we preserve the Peto concept. Thus we continue to fulfil our former tasks entirely.

Best regards,

Franz Schaffhauser PhD
College Professor

Acting Rector

Andras Peto College

Pető András Főiskola
1125 Budapest, 
Kútvölgyi út 6.
Tel: (36 1) 224-1500, 
Fax: (36 1) 224-1531

Perhaps the message has also gone out through other channels and maybe in other languages too. Just in case you were missed, here at least is the English version.

Contact details are there for those who wish to enquire further.

Continuity midst change

That seems to be the message. Just in case this is unclear: conductor-training and service-provision remain as were, and Franz Shaffhauser is acting as Rector.

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