Saturday, 16 August 2014


They think it's all over?
I wonder what people do think

A day has passed since announcement that Franz Schaffhauser has been relieved of his post as Rector of the Pető Institute:

Since then over twenty Hungarian media outlets have slavishly repeated the media release form the Prime Minister's office. On cue this afternoon, however, independent Member of Parliament Timea Szabó had raised the next obvious question, about the degree of further reorganisation that tends inevitably to be necessary in such situations, whatever the nature of the organisation, wherever in the world:

Recall Franz's very public pledge that no conductors will be made redundant. If this can be honoured then any squeeze deemed necessary on the present level of staffing, to help create a healthier cash balance, will have to be made from other sectors of the workforce.

Any comment?

As is usual, yesterday's story on Conductive World occasioned no public Comment.

The Facebook page of the Pető Intézet (Community) has carried no mention of this matter. 

I have neither time nor skill to hunt around in Facebook or Twitter etc to see whether this matter is trending anywhere on line.

There have been very few responses on Conductive World's Facebook notification of this and what there has been is brevity itself: three people clicked Like.

Oh yes, and conductor Linda Fodor has added a written Comment:


I have absolutely no idea what she means.


In fact I have long been puzzled by what people mean when they click Like on Facebook. I really do wish that they would look out for possible ambiguities and make themselves clearer. In this particular instance there seem at least three possibilities for what Like could mean:
  • I like the fact that you have informed me of this
  • I like how you report this
  • I like what has happened.
So what do people mean by it here?

More importantly, what does the world of Conductive Education, wherever and whoever this might comprise, think in general about what is going on?

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