Wednesday, 6 August 2014


So rarely even mentioned

Have you ever come across any of these in your contacts with individuals and/or institutions? In no particular order –

Cupidity. Stupidity, Greed. Pride. Ignorance. Self-promotion. Bad judgement. Ill will. Sheer bloody evil. Conceit. Defensiveness. Bullying. Vengeance. Inhumanity. Small-mindedness. Inflexibility. Incompetence. Intolerance. Cant. Hypocrisy. Envy. Deceit. Bluster. Bullshitting. Subversion. Secrecy. Cover-up. Conspiracy. Denial. Fantasy. Lack of common sense. Venality. Treachery. Bad science. Perverted science. Corruption...

Not of course an exhaustive list but its offers an idea of a Dark Side that is rarely explicitly mentioned.

I have just read Scared to Death, by Christopher Booker and Richard North, nearly five-hundred pages of it. It offers a useful perspective on the little world of disability and special education, and the even smaller one of Conductive Education.

If you think that it's bad in and around Conductive Education, then you ain't seen nothing. But the difference is  one of quantity, qualitatively there seems no great distinction to make.

I do not know whether I find such perspectivisation comforting – or profoundly disturbing.


Booker, C. (2007) Scared to Death, London, Continuum

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