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Interesting topic – interesting model


'Modern Makarenko studies: history, current state and prospects'

An international symposium will be held in October 2014, with participation from academics and practitioners from Germany, Japan, Norway, Russia and Ukraine. The purpose of the symposium is to characterize the current state of development and operation of the pedagogical heritage of Anton Makarenko, to present the story of Makarenko Studies in individual countries around the world, and identify critical issues and areas for further work. The symposium will be conducted in real time, in the form of an Internet conference. The results of the symposium will be published in electronic form, which will be awarded an ISB number.

Materials for discussion are now available on line. These will be mainly of use to Russian-speakers though nowadays never forget the growing power of online machine translation, though one (from Joar Aasen in Norway) is presented here in English:

The message and the medium

As potentially relevant as is the content of this Symposium to the world of Conductive Education with all its talk of groups still awaiting the academic anchor of theorisation, the model of this online research conference will also bear watching to see what can be learned and adapted from it, from what is done, how it looks, and what is achieved – at what little financial cost.

Previous item on this symposium


(2014) «Современное макаренковедение: история, состояние, перспективы», Minsk University 

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