Monday, 28 July 2014


A thought for future evaluation studies

I have recently in all innocence failed to grant Alex MacNeil the credit due for something that she wrote. I was confused, and was properly corrected:

Inter alia I had written –

It is apparent that, of the service models explored within CE over the last few years, analogies to [Alex's] proposed model might offer one of the happiest.

I must therefore not fail to acknowledge the following idea, found yesterday in a posting on Alex MacNeil's own blog –

They have introduced a "joy" measure. Instead of measuring what they do in terms of what other people think is important for learning disability services, they decided to measure their activities in terms of how much joy they bring people. 

Now there's something that can be observed in Conductive Education, in spades, something to throw into the melting pot when considering future evaluation studies... if such there are to be.


MacNeal, A. (2013) Find joy everywhere, Live the life you love (blog), 3 October



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