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The online portal to

Conductive Education

This site links you a wealth of online information on Conductive Education through a single click of the mouse or just one more, rarely through more than three clicks.

e-conduction is a knowledge portal opening on to what is knowable of Conductive Education available through the Internet and beyond, thousands and thousands of words: 
  • current news, newspapers and other news outlets, blogs, discussion (a little), politics
  • articles, books, dissertations and theses, library facilities,  research and evaluation
  • facts, information, views, comment, criticism, practical and academic materials, technical reports, conference papers
  • conductive pedagogy and conductive upbringing, conductor-training courses  
  • job adverts and where conductors are employed now
  • some history and geography, and lots more that is quite unclassifiable
  • new quotations every time that you log on to or refresh certain pages (from the CEP Quotationary)
e-conduction brings together materials from around the world. Most links are to materials in the English language – because in 2014 that is what the Internet is like – but other languages will be increasingly be found here as interest in Conductive Education spreads around the world.

Most of what you will find costs nothing to read, but expect to have to pay to see many articles published on line by academic journals. 

More materials of every kind are being slowly added to e-conduction. Not all the links in e-conduction are working at a given time. You are very welcome to question what you find here, or to suggest links to additional material.

Click below to enter e-conduction. The links that you find within will take you further, then it is up to you. The Internet is a jumble. Some of what is available on line is very good indeed, most of it is very enthusiastic but not very well informed. Some of it is really awful. Always read what you find critically. Always question what you read, and form your own opinions.

Quote of the day
If his instructions were not followed accurately, if some 'improvisation' happened as he put it, he became extremely upset. He flushed, yelled, shook his fist, pushed the sinner out of the door. But as quickly as he lost his temper, he soon forgot it. He smiled, gave a kiss on the forehead, offered a book or a nice poem.Júlia Dévai

Coming soon
e-conduction will be operationalising further new pages.

Thanks to conductor Ben Foulger for setting up this page
ParticipantTracker  is a system designed by Ben to simplify and streamline the process of tracking and documenting progress in Conductive Education:


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