Friday, 11 July 2014


Not in his lifetime
But nearly

In two weeks' time President Shimon Perez of Israel will step down at the end of his seven-year term of office. During this time he established the award of the Presidential Medal of Distinction that recognises outstanding civilians in the same way as the army recognizes outstanding soldiers. 

He said that today's five honorees, representing different fields of endeavor, were chosen because they are superb role models for the younger generation. Each one had to struggle against odds – either by force of circumstance or because most people did not believe in what they were doing and tried to discourage them. But they persevered and succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

One of the five was Reuven Feuerstein who died on 29 April –
Feuerstein created a revolution in cognitive psychology and education, teaching children with developmental problems how to overcome them to develop their full potential. He died on April 29.
His son Rabbi Rafi Feuerstein, who is carrying on his work, accepted the medal in his name.

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