Monday, 16 June 2014


Everyone involved with Conductive Eduction for children and young people up to 25. All parents, staff (including conductors), trustees, governors, young disabled people
Summer reading from the Government

And not just for the summer!

The Department of Education has published the bumff fest governing the new arrangements for 'special educational needs' in England.

There is no need  to reiterate it here or try to make sense of it all. Many a career will depend on doing this over the next few years. For a good initial guide to this, go to:

I can happily excuse myself from all this, but if you are anyway 'in the system', as a user or as a provider, if you hope to draw money from it, for a child or young person, or as all or part of your salary, then I advise that you do not let this slip you by.

You lucky people, for having such a beneficent, sharing and understanding Government. The following delights await you:

You will not all of course need all of this, but everyone will be affected by some of it, some of the time.

All organisation working with children and young people, and their families, will need to have at least one person who is on top of all this, if they and their clients are not to lose out

Conductive Education?

I do not think that it is specifically mentioned. But you may find much about how it might provided. Let us all hope so.


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