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Jubilee events: 16 May to 28 November
Great opportunity

In 1963, the transfer of András Pető's then Institute of Motor Therapy was transferred from the control of the Ministry of Health to that of the Ministry of Education. The way was now open for the formal training of conductors, as educators, initially with a two-year course:

Today's Pető Institute is marking the fiftieth anniversary of the commencement of conductor-training by incorporating events running from next week through to Pető Day on 18 November under the general rubric of 'Fifty years of years of conductor-training':

The programme

Events packaged under this Jubilee comprise training programmes, academic topics, a display of photographs, competitions, and social and cultural events.

The programme was published yesterday, in Hungarian. Perhaps announcements, reports and other jubilee publications will follow in languages other than Hungarian.

Fifty years of achievement

The programme lists the Institute's achievements in conductor-training as follows:
  • BA-level conductor-training
  • a practice-oriented education
  • a competitive degree
  • wide possibilities for an MA
  • a student-friendly college
  • expanding training opportunities
  • a wide range of employment opportunities
On Jubilees

Centenaries, half-centuries, 25ths, 75ths, notable multiples of ten may be arbitrary but they can also be great reminders for genuine remembrances and celebrations. Furthermore, they offer good pretexts for publicly thumping the tub, academic events like meetings and publication, public and political PR and awareness too.

Fifty years of conductor training sounds good ground for all these and branding this half-year's events at the Pető Institute in this way is a nice touch. Given current events this could not come at a better time.

The events listed are by their nature largely domestic, but some are certainly of wider than local interest:
  • photo exhibition (opening 16 May)
  • academic programmes on 27 June and 3 October, 'Fifty years of conductor-training'
  • academic session on 28 November, 'Changes in conductor-competencies over fifty years'
Perhaps there might also be some academic surprises to mark the Jubilee, such as publication of Franz Schaffhauser's forthcoming book announced around the New Year:

Or maybe a catalogue or some of András Pető 's verse and short stories from the Archive. We live in hope...

Further information

Contact Judith Weiss at the Secretariat of the Deputy Rector:



(2014) Jubileumi programok: 'A konduktorképzés 50 éve'

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