Friday, 16 May 2014


No longer under house arrest but...
Persecuted midwife still not wholly free
The decision of 21 February 2014 came about when an appeal made by her legal team regarding the severity of the conditions of her house arrest was upheld by the Court of Appeal in Budapest. The court ordered that the house arrest restrictions be removed and ruled that the human rights defender could move freely around the city of Budapest and throughout the immediate countryside. She is not, however, permitted to go beyond this territory nor is she allowed to advise or consult with pregnant women.

One can think of worse conditions for the restriction of liberty but that is hardly the point.

Campaign video

(2012) Freedom for Birth (50-minute international campaign video, One World Birth

Free 15-minute abridged version online :


 (2014) Hungary: Update – Human rights defender Dr Ágnes Geréb released from house arrest, Frontline Defenders, 22 February

Sutton, A. (2012) Call the midwife (she's not a nurse), Call the conductor (she's not a therapist)

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