Friday, 4 April 2014


Or an aged countryman?
Or who?

Another mysterious new CE blog

The first posting of what might, or might not be a new CE blog has come on line today. The new blog is posted anonymously, under the pseudonymous heading Two City Girls. This comes ten days after another new, anonymous CE blog appeared, on WordPress:


Two City Girls is also published on WordPress, in the same Spartanly anonymous format. It too may become more elaborate with time.

It includes still images. Postings are 'signed' A.B.

Spelling in British, all the quotations (unreferenced) come from the UK, specifically England, so maybe this blog comes from England. It looks like it is written by native speakers.

There is a the usual problem with personal pronouns.

The heading may indicate dual authorship, or it may be a red herring. That's the trouble with anonymous texts, readers do not know what to believe. This material could just as well be written by an old bloke living in a country cottage who has never used make-up in his life. If I had time or energy for a sardonic sense of humour, it could even be me.


The posting opens with a provocative statement –
Conductive education is well established now but it is difficult for people to access information about it and a name that does not necessarily explain what it is, doesn’t help.

The four assertions contained in this are not substantiated or critically unpacked. Instead, a conductor is quoted wanting to get away from the name 'Conductive Education', a physiotherapist explains that CE is education rather than a therapy, and another conductor says that it is about learning.

The authors of these three quotations are identified. The quotations themselves seem not to have previously appeared on line and no references are given.

This is all published under the general heading of 'Health'.

So far one other general category of posting has been opened, under the heading of Beauty, with a short posting on Bourjois Makeup


Whoever wrote it appears to speak with some knowledge of the present or at least recent field in the UK.

The credibility of this blog remains to be demonstrated.

Everything has a history

Here's another of those circumstances in which the back-story (what has gone on behind the scenes) might be at least as interesting as the actual product – perhaps even more so. For the moment anuway, the story behind y-this one remains well locked away.

And the future...?

Ten days ago, commenting on another new anonymous CE blog, I wrote –
I think of the Internet as a bit like a high street or mall. I opened something there and created a sort of business... and later added a small annex next door... I closed down the annex leaving a vacant lot that someone else has moved into, presumably hoping to pick up some of the passing business. Who knows, everyone might benefit. Maybe others will follow suit. Why not? … the prospect of competition is rather jolly.

Let a thousand flowers bloom. Perhaps there will be more new anonymous CE blogs to welcome soon.

Meanwhile, the previous new anonymous blog, launched ten days ago, still awaits its second posting.


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