Thursday, 3 April 2014


Pető Institute has not been issue

This coming Sunday, 6 April, will be General Election day in Hungary. To an outsider the campaign has appeared extraordinarily low key, and the only two questions of interest about the results are likely to be the size of Fidesz's majority and how well Jobbik does – the right and the far right. Of secondary immediate interest after that will be what happens to the tattered remnants of the divided liberal-left opposition parties. In other words, Hungarian politics are likely to remain the mixture as before – and perhaps more so (next cause célèbre, that wretched Holocaust memorial)

Pető Institute and the political arena

The political and economic state of Hungary have been important background factors in maintaining the steady drift west of skilled labour out of the country – including of course conductors. This trend will presumably continue.

A somewhat more acute topic of background concern outside Hungary (among those involved in Conductive Education) is the continuing financial viability of the Pető Institute. Last year saw alarming allegations around the management of the Pető Institute's property and finances, with major coverage in the Hungarian media. There was and political activity inside and outside parliament and an an unnamed group of staff made allegations to the Police. Then – nothing. Indeed, there seems to have been no media coverage of the Pető Institute since the week before Christmas, at which time the whole matter was left publicly unresolved, hanging in the air, with the chief Parliamentary critic, Tímea Szabó, dropping the matter altogether.

A deal? Or maybe everything is now all right. Whatever the back story, however, the Pető Institute has realised its hope that its fate should not serve as an election issue.

What happens after this, when politics return to normal (whatever normal might prove to be in Hungarian politics), that is anyone's guess.

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Blogger Nalis Incognitus said...

Just wondering what would would Dr. A.Peto say about the present situation regarding the modern state of CE and the politics? What would he side with, right or far-right?. Actually with the same level of common sense there would be a question of which of a cat's two horns is longer?

Thursday, 3 April 2014 at 17:15:00 BST  

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