Tuesday, 29 April 2014


CE knowable and known

Gill Maguire has published a further item in her regular series of updates on new publications available through Conduction's Virtual CE Library 
Another 19 items have been added to the catalogue making a total of 484 entries. Included this time is a good mixture of journal articles, a book review, website articles, conference papers, school reports and newspaper articles.
The previous such update was 16 March:

The virtual Library works by linking to materials now published on line, most of them free but many of the academic ones subject to the usual charge. Conductive Education still suffers from a deplorably thin literature on the core knowledge of conductive pedagogy. Increasingly, however, wider topics are accessibly documented. What with the ever-growing Internet, and Gill's ever-growing indexing system to what it offers on and around Conductive Education, this could potentially be the best informed generation yet on the subject of CE.

If not, why not? Where is the weak link in the chain?


Maguire, G. (2014) New additions to the Virtual Library Catalogue, Conductive Education Information, 28 April

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Blogger Gillian Maguire said...

Thanks, Andrew. It would be really useful to get some feedback on the catalogue and discover how much it is used and by whom.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014 at 14:29:00 BST  

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