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Academic standards, accreditation in doubt

The Hungarian Election is done, though the victors have still to form a new government. Politics, micro- and micro- continue. After a long silence – since just before Christmas – the Pető Institute football is now back in the political arena.

This morning the social-democrat newspaper Népszava has kicked off with a serious revelation that, if the Hungarian media acts as it has over this matter as it has in the past, will soon be rehashed across the print and broadcasting press.

As far as I can see the following are the cardinal points in Népszava's report. Whether substantiated or not, they could directly affect the reputation and status of conductors and Conductive Education worldwide.
Népszava has learned that MPANNI (the Pető Institute) is at risk of losing its higher education accreditation, having been unable to meet professional expectations. Last year a closed session of the Hungarian Accreditation Council concluded that MPANNI's conductor-training does not meet academic requirements on a number of points and is permitted to continue only on condition of organisational development close quality-control. The Accreditation Council has been delaying its decision and keeps taking a report-back off its regular agenda as changes so far are insufficient to merit an academic degree. Problems include lack of theoretical base, research methodology and academic standards, professional outcomes and duly qualified teaching staff. Matters are deteriorating, with gaps in important areas of the curriculum. Népszava also publishes in full a report by Franz Schaffhauser, Rector of the Pető Institute. All this impacts upon funding and bringing the institution under direct state supervision.

The newspaper also mentions – for the first time in the Hungarian media as far as I am aware, that these concerns are shared outside Hungary – 'the elephant in the china shop', the newspaper concludes.

Please do not accept the above summary as canonical, my Hungarian and my knowledge of Hungarian institutions are not enough to make an authoritative account. If you want to know more but do not understand Hungarian and Hungarian institutions, sit down with a Magyar and ask to have the documents referred to here explained.

If you do understand all this better than I, then please comment, either below this posting or on Facebook.

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– (2014) Megint bajban a Peto Intezét, Népsava 25 April 

Schaffhauser, F. (2014) Szakmai program a második rektori ciklusra

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

April 25, 2014 (Friday) 14:44 MPANNI

The Peto Institute’s staff is shocked reading the latest newspaper article released today, which is without any reality, based on false assumptions and allegations, libelous and defamation.
We protest and exclaim against the facts and allegations contained therein, lacking any realism and professional background, conclusions and definitely reject them.
The Peto Institute shall immediately take the necessary legal action.
Budapest, April 2014 25.
Dr. Franz Schaffhauser
college professor, rector

2014 április 25. (péntek) 14:44 MPANNI

A Pető Intézet munkatársai felháborodva olvasták az intézményünkről ma megjelent legújabb, minden valóságalapot nélkülöző, téves feltételezéseken, rágalmakon alapuló cikket.
Tiltakozunk az abban foglalt, minden valószerűséget, szakmai megalapozottságot nélkülöző tényállításokkal és következtetésekkel szemben, és határozottan visszautasítjuk azokat.
A Pető Intézet haladéktalanul megteszi a szükséges jogi lépéseket.
Budapest, 2014. április 25.
Dr. Schaffhauser Franz
főiskolai tanár, rektor

Saturday, 26 April 2014 at 11:20:00 BST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"All truth passes through three states: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. And third, it is accepted as self-evident."

Thursday, 1 May 2014 at 13:25:00 BST  

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