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But is there any choice?

I have just seen notified on Facebook about a newspaper report and a YouTube video of the recent visit of HRH Princess Ursula of Bavaria to the conductive day centre in Niederpöcking, south of Munich, accompanied by Fr. Karin Seehofer, Bavaria's 'First Lady':

Yes, Germany is still a republic, and so are its constituent parts. It still has local royalty, however, and charities there as elsewhere still believe that their presence cuts ice. Perhaps it does, perhaps it does not. If you run a charity it is probably just as well to act on the safe side if you have the option.

I know. I have sinned. Watching the video from Niederpöcking brought back some uncomfortable memories: another Princess in another world.

A PR coup for Peter von Quadt and his associates. A weapon in the continual struggle for public awareness and esteem, political and corporate support, and CE's inexorable need for money, money, money to pay the salaries, and the bills, and any new buildings.

If this is helped by the attention of a Royal Princess, even in a republic, then so be it. Funnier things happen at sea, and public esteem is one of the seas in which CE sinks or swims. Perhaps it always has...

András Pető

After all, is what one sees in this modern German video qualitatively all that different from the sort of thing that András Pető did to soften up political sympathy and support, visits from Party big-wigs (even though the songs were different)?

Tamás Verkerdy was a psychologist who had been introduced to András Pető by the writer Sándor Tőrők. Many years later, in the year 2000, on Hungarian television Tamás Verkerdy told 
...he made the children roll over to Labour Movement songs. They loved this at the Party Central Committee. As some of the comrades' children had been healed by him he invited them over to the Institute. Pető couldn't care less what the children were singing but he knew that this will be a stunner for the comrades. Pető was nuts like this...
Szászadforditó magyarok – Pető
He was softening them up for having his Institute moved out from under the Health Ministry, into the Ministry of Education.

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