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Trade with Russia  I

'Health tourism' is big business worldwide and one way to think of the internationalisation of Conductive Education phenomenon is, at least partly, in terms of this. In Hungary the work of the Pető Institute today is not merely a matter of providing for some Hungarian children (and a few adults) with motor disorders; it is also a part of the country's health tourism economy i.

Hungary's trade in Conductive Education with Western nations has by the very nature of their societies has been unstructured, fragmentary and subject to irresistible competition from individual parents and institutions, and independent conductors. Looking eastwards, however, despite the existence of a potential core of already trained Russia conductors, the countries of the former Soviet Union (the CIS, the Commonwealth of Independent States) have not experienced a similar scattering of spontaneously created, local conductive services.

In contrast, for some years now the Pető Institute in Budapest has hosted a steady stream of children and their parents from the territories of the CIS in its long-standing 'Russian groups'. This trade has been organised in a commercial way that would hardly be possible in the context of Western countries – though it is possibly rather more closely to how authorities in Hungary might have preferred things to have been everywhere ever since CE became a possible commercial product at the end of the nineteen-eighties.

Over the years there has been no contact between the activities around Conductive Education in the Western nations and in the CIS. This implies no Cold War or Iron Curtain, being probably no more than yet another, particular example of the isolation, failed communication and anomie within the fragmenting world of Conductive Education.

An advertisement

The Hungarian Medical Center [American-English name in the original] displays the following online Russian-language advertisement, renered here in loose English translation –

Conductive pedagogy at the Prof A. Pető Institute

Within the territory of the Commonwealth of Independent States the company Hungarian Medical Center and its associates will assist parents with children wishing to undertake conductive pedagogy with travel arrangements. Classes may be held in already-assembled groups and individually, which is significantly reflected in the result.

The purpose of the conductive pedagogy method is the harmonious, integrated and interconnected development a child's movement functions (motorics), cognitive abilities, and the emotional and social skills necessary for everyday life and intellectual level.

Specialist conductologists ii create all the conditions necessary for the children freely to fulfil the tasks presented, with motivation thoroughly utilised as inducement to action.

The most important task of rehabilitation courses in conductive pedagogy is the simultaneous, maximal restoration of the organism's damaged functions, through the complex development of the child's whole personality. Such a program is aimed not only towards developing motor functions but also teaching children self-help skills, language development, and mental abilities .

Institute of conductive pedagogy

After undergoing a course of conductive pedagogy, children have usually improved significantly in their physical condition, they have better coordinated movements, and have formed more developed speech. For all children, there there is noted increase in mobility, coordination and self-help skills, and children also learn to use knife and fork and spoon on their own.

Furthermore, there is a significant improvement in attention and self-control. Self-possession appears, the children often consciously show motivation in their movements and feel confident in their abilities.

An important component of conductive pedagogy is teaching parents basics for developing their child further at home. Complying with all the specialist conductologist's recommendations plays a major role in shaping the child's future skills. One must understand that conductive pedagogy is not a temporary process – it is a way of life.

Conductive pedagogy is an especially integrated process of teaching and learning, worked out in such a way as to affect all the functions of a human organism with damage to the central nervous system. The tools of conductive pedagogy tools are complex programs tailored to the child's age and reflecting the nature and rhythm of life of non-disabled children (including their physical, mental and social needs).

The conductive pedagogy method was developed by Professor András Pető . He became one of the first to consider damage to the central nervous system, not as a disease but as a particular kind of problem in teaching and learning iii.

As with non-disabled children, children with CNS damage develop through the process of teaching and learning, the difference being only that the condition makes the condition makes the formation of motor functions significantly harder.

The method of Conductive Education applies in the following cases:
  • children with cerebral palsy
  • development of children with motor delay (starting at 6 months of age ) .
Conductive pedagogy provides the possibility of achieving good results not only in childhood but also in in the rehabilitation of adults:
  • recovery of motor function after spinal and brain injuries;
  • rehabilitation of adults with CNS disorders, post-insult (hemiplegia, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, ataxia)
The Hungarian Medical Centre's associates in your own country will arrange your trip to Hungary for group or individual sessions of conductive pedagogy from start to finish. To find out the cost and get an answer from a specialist conductologist, fill in the form below, specifying in detail the child's condition.

The above text and its attached form suggest a society and culture with a rather rather more sophisticated understanding of human development, its anomalies and what might be done about these, than is general amongst lay and professional people in for example the United Kingdom.

i    The notion of a Hungarikum originated as a marketing device to promote Hungarian exports.
ii    кондуктологи – konduktologi
iii   обучениe – obuchenie


Hungarian Medical Center (2014) Кондуктивная педагогика в Институте проф. А.Петё

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