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'Conductive Education practitioners'

Immigration ruling on conductors

The latest issue of the ever-informative Newsletter of the New Zealand Foundation for Conductive Education is now on line.

A item of possibly great interest to many outside New Zealand was the report on the New Zealand Immigration Authority's new ruling on the immigration status of conductors intending to work in that country –
Conductors are to no longer be included on Immigration’s Long Term Shortages List.

The main reason given for this by Immigration, was that the numbers of conductors who each year apply for visas to come to NZ to work is too small to warrant continued inclusion on the list.
Immigration has assured us however, that as there is clearly no training facility in NZ for conductors, there is no opportunity to employ New Zealanders in the role. The option therefore is to use the 'Skilled Migrant' category when applying for visas. This option can also be used by conductors when applying for residency.
NZFCE will continue to pursue inclusion on the LTS List by making a fresh application in July.
(p. 2)

This does not mean that conductors cannot now think of going to work in New Zealand – but it will not be any easier to do so. In the longer term, of course, the New Zealand Foundation's attempt to reverse the new situation may prove successful..

As ever, though, it is the back story, what has been going on behind the scenes, that might be more interesting that the public decision.

Conductive Education Practitioners?

On 27 March the Global Timesa daily Chinese tabloid newspaper focusing on international issues, published the following –
324日,新西兰移民局对2013年前的长期短缺职业名单(Long Term Skill Shortage List,简称 LTSSL)及即时短缺职业名单(Immediate Skill Shortage List ,简称ISSL)进行了重审。
移民局从长期短缺职业名单中除去的14项职业,分别为:听力矫治专家学家(Audiologist)、营养师 (Dietitian)、医院药剂师(Hospital Pharmacist)、工业药剂师(Industrial Pharmacist)、内部审计师(Internal Auditor)、医学诊断放射线技师(Medical Diagnostic Radiographer)、助产士(Midwife)、职业治疗师(Occupational Therapist)、整骨医生Osteopath)、零售药剂师(Retail Pharmacist)、特殊教育指导(Conductive Education Practitioner、专家经理(未分类)(Specialist Manager not elsewhere classified)、语言治疗师(Speech Language Therapist)、城市和区域规划师(Urban and Regional Planner)。从即时短缺职业名单中除去的有餐厅经理及咖啡厅经理等5种职位。
新西兰长期短缺职业名单指的是那些经过审核确定在新西兰存有长期人手短缺状况的职业。长期短缺行业的移民雇员将能够申请获得Work to Residence签证或Essential Skills签证。另海外的雇员在进行移民申请时,还将能获得10分的额外加分。即时短缺职业名单指该行业在新西兰存有即时短缺情况。海外雇员如果条件或经验符合要求,虽无法在申请移民时获得额外加分,但其工作签证申请将会得到优先签发

In so far as I understand this, it means that the Economic and Commercial Counsellor of New Zealand's Embassy in Beijing says that the NZ Immigration service announces its list of shortage occupations. These follows a list of occupations, with English-language translations provided, including the mysterious 'Conductive Education Practitioner'.

Surely some confusion here...

Maybe this is just another translation problem.
  • The newspaper item refers to Tèshū jiàoyù zhǐdǎ – 特殊教育指. I think that this might refer to some kind of special educational counselling or guidance, in which case 'Conductive Education Practitioner' is just a mistranslation.
  • The newspaper report does not refer to the more familiar Yǐndǎo shì jiàoyù – 引導式教育 , the expression is usually translated into English as 'Conductive Education'.
Maybe this is last year's list.

Maybe I am confused in some other way.


– (2014) Immigration’s Long Term Shortages List, Newsletter of the New Zealand Foundation for Conductive Education, March

(2014) 新西兰移民局对14项长期和5项即时短缺职业名单进行重审, Global Times, 27 March

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