Friday, 21 March 2014


Tomorrow in Belgium
Tomorrow 22 March 2014 there is a Franco-Belgian day in Brussels, a chance to meet for professionals, parents and (if possible) beneficiaries directly involved in Conductive Education.
The theme of the day is: 'Quality of Life and Conductive Education.'
What are do people mean when they speak of the quality of life in relation to their perception of disability and experience of Conductive Education?
A theoretical introduction will give us a common framework of thinking. Then there will be testimonies from parents, beneficiaries and professionals, and we will try to articulate at a round table using the conceptual framework proposed.
The quality of life issue is very subjective and relative! But this may be an opportunity to hear experiences and different points of view and to raise questions about the practices Conductive Education...
Formal programme
8:45: Arrive: coffee, pastries
9:30: Theme of the day – Drs Champolion and Leclercq

9:45: CE, a pedagogy in the service of improving the social participation of the child and his family: an anthropological view – Mr Pierre Castelein
10:30: The ICF and Conductive Education (International Classification of Functional Disability) – Mr Yves Bawin
10:45: Break
11:15: Words from parents, from France and Belgium
12:15: Words from beneficiaries
12:45 Lunch
14:00: Words from professionals
3:00: Round Table, Pierre Castelein, Yves Bawin, parents and professionals
Free for parents - 35 Euros for professionals, including food

I would love to go. One hears so rarely (so very rarely indeed) of such mutual study events – and so often of circumstances, wasted opportunities and confusions that could be avoided by opportunities for learning together and from each other.

Maybe of course such events happen all the time... in which case it would be so nice to hear about them.

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