Sunday, 30 March 2014


It's the way that you do it
That's what gets results

News of the upcoming release of the Upsee raises again the question of the difference between how one teaches and brings up disabled children* in CE and the pervasive and implicit ideas of help and 'support' that trap and curtail so much learning and development elsewhere.

The apparatus was developed by conductive mother Debby Elnatan and her son Rotem.

The Upsee is of course only a tool, an instrument for movement. Like any other tool it can be used both to teach and therefore enhance development, and to rely upon present levels and therefore reinforce dependence.

Sometimes one sees and hears it presented that there is some sort of conflict between Conductive Education and the use of tools. Ironic, this, since at the very core of learning in CE stands mediation, and the interiorisation of the most human tool of all, the word.


Online seminars on 1, 2 and 3 April will offer opportunities for anyone interested to follow this further – and perhaps offer a view. Register for this here:


Schenker, R. (2014) The Upsee, Conductive Post, 30 March


* The same of course applies for the lives of disabled adults and those who care...



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