Tuesday, 18 March 2014


1956 to be relived at trial of Béla Biszku

The trial of Béla Biszku has begun today in Budapest –
Hungarian prosecutors have charged 92-year-old Béla Biszku over his role on a committee of the Communist Party they say was involved in ordering the shootings of civilians during protests in Budapest and in the town of Salgótarján in December 1956...
Biszku, who was one of Hungary's most powerful leaders in communist times and is the first to stand trial, walked into the courtroom with a cane. Wearing a grey suit and dark blue-rimmed glasses, he responded to the judge in a firm voice: 'I do not wish to testify.'

Béla Biszku was a patient and supporter of András Pető.

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Than, K., (2014) Hungary tries 92-year-old communist for war crimes, Reuters, 18 March

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