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Children require teaching
And teaching requires pedagogy

The practice of teaching means having to know what to do, or at the very least knowing what to have to do to find out. Pedagogic knowledge  'pedagogic science' as it is often called in Europe – is an essential component of an effective educational system.

In the United Kingdom we have no pedagogic science, no pedagogic knowledge, no pedagogy. True, the word 'pedagogy' may be bandied about, but without substance, without theoretical base made material through testable, effective practice. Teachers in 'training' are not taught pedagogy, there are no professors of pedagogy, no discernible academic field. Certainly no recognised concept, within popular or educated discourse, in the media or in the body politic.

By contrast, look at the UK's National Health Service. It is hardly a wholly functional organism, but it does have something essential at its core. Try imagining a health service that operates without medicine. Its every 'system' might be perfectly managed, but with no medicine at its heart and running though its every nerve and fibre, what would be its point?

What is the point of an education system with no pedagogy?

An old, old story

Nothing new here, nothing even unique to the United Kingdom among the English-speaking peoples. Just another plea to Conductive Education to stand up for and proclaim its imported pedagogical essence... and not to lose this by putting itself forward as a mere 'support'.

Just one of a number of previous postings on this broad theme:
Sutton, A. (2009) Why no pedagogy in England? Conductive World, 10 June

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