Monday, 31 March 2014


Don't get caught in the Act

Amidst the uncertainties of introducing the new system of special educational needs in England the answer to one question at least is very clear for families of disabled children and the services that serve them (and that means CE services too). On Special Needs Jungle Tania Tirraoro reports –
The weeks are ticking by since the Children & Families Bill became an Act. But does this mean that everything in it has become law straight away?
The answer to that is NO, but according to many parents, some schools, local authorities and others who should know better are trying to tell them otherwise.
The Act doesn’t come into force until it is commenced and different parts can be commenced at different times. The plan (if the Code of Practice goes through without a hitch) is to commence Part 3 (the SEN Part) from 1st September 2014. After this you must apply using the new system...

There is more. Read Tania Tirraoro's full posting. And remember, this applies now.

We live in hope

I would like to hope that all CE services providing for children and young persons in England are 100% up with the progress and implications and obligations of the New Act, and that there is nowhere so daft and irresponsible as to have a finance and fundraising strategy that does not incorporate this as a central pillar.


Tirraoro, T. (2014) SEN reform: can I still apply for a statement? Special Needs Jungle, 31 March

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