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Yesterday my telephone pinged to inform me of activity on Conductive World Market. By the time that I had chance to look at it this had accumulating a longish list of responses. Soon after they stopped, and that seemed an end of it.

On the face of it the topic seemed an unlikely one for the market place but spaces where people come together are good places to post one's personal positions – so why not?

The matter posted and commented upon relates to a parent's grievance about a CE center in the United States.

I have no problems with parents or other users of CE complaining publicly abpiit the services that they have experiences, nor with public responses to such complaints. I appreciate too that there may be back-stories that I do not know which make upset public statements seem a matter of last resort. Even so, surely Conductive Education could or should have better ways of dealing with this. In the US perhaps ACENA might have had some thing to contribute...

Be that as it may, this particular issue was reposted on Conductive World Market, for which I am the publisher. This presented me with two problems, (1) ethical and (2) practical.
  1. The ethical one is very simple. The complaint bears the images of an adult and two children. I do not know who they are – or whether they have given informed consent to their photos' being used in this context. Simple solution? remove them. As far as I know, however, I cannot do that without removing the whole thread of discussion that follows on from this. Is that fair to those who wrote? Solution: transfer the whole discussion here, to a text-only platform, and so lose the photo.
  2. The practical one is that the thread included a couple of links to the original public complaint, on the consumer site Rip Off Report. Conductive World Market is a Facebook group Reduced in size to suit the Facebook page these images were practically illegible (especially on telephone screens). Transferring the thread here permits a slightly better overview. It also offers a possibility for somewhat fuller responses should anyone wish to comment further.
On Facebook

Here then is the original narrative on Conductive World Market, with links to the complaint on the Rip Off Report included:
Steph Reeves
Did anyone else get a friend request from this person!??

Yes I did. I've messaged them asking who they are but no response! Very strange!!!

What's this all about....?

I can't even send them a message. she's written her own report on a ripoff website!!! Telling everyone that CE is a scam!!

Wonder why she would do that.....

Steph Reeves

Yesterday at 11:30 · Like 1
[Image of page 1 of complaint, see below]

I couldn't open the link but I have reported it to Facebook
[Image of page 2 of complaint, see below]

Sounds to me like she is angry at the situation her child is in and can't accept things yet....
I have no idea what happens in America. My only experience is in Hungary and with my Hungarian conductors who have all taken their work seriously and I have definitely seen results. Conductive education has been our way of like for 11 years.... It works....


I spent 3 years training as a conductor in the uk and now live and work in the USA. I know CE works!!! I just don't think a bitter parent just have the right to try and ruin a small yet sooo successful company.

Wow can't believe this!! Have been practicing CE with kids with great results!!!

This has been an ongoing concern for me. I've no idea of the practises at the centre she names, if it were the one I co-founded I would be quick to address the situation.  What is a concern is that it becomes an issue for all of us by association with Conductive Education.. Parents will get the wrong impression and some will have their own axe to grind, it is the voice of the many supporting the profession of a Conductor as one in parallel with other professionals that will help the status of Conductive Education worldwide and prevent one disgruntled person having a detrimental impact. Support the parents you work with in getting their own good news stories on social networking sites. Continue to work together as a professional body in the country/continent you practise too, which will give you credibility. We all have a responsibility to ensure that what we do is of the highest standard and I, as a parent founder, will always endeavour to create a situation where that is possible and trust that others will do the same.

I had this too! Seems so strange

I have a friend whose daughter attends a center in Orlando and loves it. Sounds like this mom is just expecting someone else to "fix" her child and not seeing the results she wants.

CE works and it is a wonderful treasure for everyone. Unfortunately I experienced things that might effect the quality of conductive education's efficiency. I've worked in three different countries. It shows a growing tendency to hire unqualified assistants for minimun wage. It happened often to be the only qualified person (conductor) in the classroom with 7 or 8 clients and 5 or 6 assistants whos had no knowledge of medicine, rehabilitation, education or health care. To be honest you are not able to lead the program, teach them, facilitate clients and give instructions at the same time, alone. As an employee, you can't do much against it, except trying and working hard. Under these circumstances it is very hard to make improvement. I think this is one reason of decreasing quality. In some places they only try to sell conductive education and the management doesn't care about quality and development. I don't know anything about the above mentioned centre. I only shared my personal experience.

I work as a lead conductor in CECO. Please take a moment and read our Executive Director's, Rosene Johnson's thoughts regarding this post: We are saddened to read these comments from this family. Unfortunately, we are unable to place the family at this time as the context and information surrounding these comments do not ring true. Our conductors, teachers and assistants work very hard to assure the development and progress of each child enrolled in all of our programs. Thank you to those of you who shared your positive experiences with our program, like the hundreds of other families we are fortunate to serve across the globe. Learn more about us and our programs at 

Andrew Sutton have you seen this?

Why ask me? I know nothing about the specific instance, and it's none of my business. Nobody else's either, if not directly involved or otherwise informed. As for the general, it sounds like something often faced in the adult world, and best faced up to in an adult way. Maybe being the lady's 'friend' would be one such way.
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One more comment from CECO:
The founders of CECO have worked tirelessly for the past 13 years to provide CE and help as many children as they possibly can. They give Thousands of dollars of their own money to support the school and reach children. It again saddens me that these and other false statements are being spread about our school. Really, it's not about us's about the children we have and those we can help along the way. Again, find out about us for yourself. Visit our website or tour at anytime. We are proud of our program, our staff and of course our kids.
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There's no way to please every parent we work with. Obviously she has chosen anonymity for a reason..she doesn't want to/or cannot do it in person. You guys at CECO should do what you do best, keep your heads down, and continue to put your hearts into providing CE for families who chose to be part of our amazing world, and ignore those who are not. CE is not for everyone, and we should respect that. Maybe one of these days this parent will come forward and either take her child to another place, or have the strength and decency to discuss her concerns with the leadership. (Also, it might not even be a parent, but a jealous therapist..nothing is ever what it seems like on the internet!)
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You can find the original online complaint here:

or here

What is the Rip Off Report

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