Wednesday, 26 March 2014


A new blog's born today
Caveat emptor!

It is not altogether clear what this new blog is called. Perhaps Conductive Education and World News is the title, with the descriptor 'Worldwide Developments Bringing Education Conductively to All'. It is anonymous. It can be found at an evocatively named web address:

Style is published on WordPress, in what must be that host's most Spartanly anonymous format. It may become more elaborate with time.

It includes pictures and video.

So far it is published in German and poor English.. There is poor English enough on line from native speakers of the language, but on balance this looks like it was written by someone else – with a quite a lot of cut and paste and a whiff of machine translation.


The inaugural. trial posting published this morning is a two-parter.

It kicks off with an announcement of last October's 8th World Congress. This comprises a short announcement in German and that embarrassing flag-wagging, whistling video, from YouTube.

The second part is a overview of the field of CE, some of which looks rather like it was translated into English from an available text or texts in another language,.


Whoever wrote it appears to access the whole field, but specific facts are often wrong and explanations are uncritically prone to conventional cliché and CE-speak.

Its credibility remains to be demonstrated.

Everything has a history

Conductive World used to run on two blogs, the one that you are reading now, under the '.inf' domain and a second one, a '.com'. The second one, the '.com' proved redundant and I ceased to renew its URL on 31 January:

This now defunct blog is archived on line, in full:

On 14 March I received an e-mail from Domain Names International of Colorado Springs, CO –
You may be interested in, which will be available by auction soon. You are receiving this email, since you have a domain that is similar.
You can confirm interest in this domain by clicking here:
I do hope that bidding was brisk and that the successful bidder had to fork out a considerable sum – though I doubt that there was much if any competition. It would be interesting know how much it went for.

When I decided to let my '.com' go I was aware that somebody could now move in on the vacant address but, short of keeping the site on for years (£10.00 a year, hardly prohibitive!), what else to do? Anyway, why should I do anything? The alternative might prove instructive, or even amusing...

And the future...?

I think of the Internet as a bit like a hight street or mall. I opened something there and created a sort of business under the name conductive world, and later added a small annex next door. The original site still attracts visitors and now has branches and associates elsewhere in town, so I closed down the annex leaving a vacant lot that someone else has moved into, presumably hoping to pick up some of the passing business. Who knows, everyone might benefit. Maybe others will follow suit. Why not? There are other very similar addresses that have never been occupied. '.org.' '.net', 'edu' etc...

I suppose that imitation is the best form of flattery. Anyway, the prospect of competition is rather jolly, whatever its motives, be they innocent, rip-off, spoiler, gauntlet.

The basic business of Conductive World is news, information, opinion, understandings. We might even get a press war. Caveat emptor!

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