Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Charitable business model
Sub-sector without public voice?

On behalf of DAAF (the Florida Access and Awareness Foundation, Gainsville), Ralph StrzaƂkowski is advertising four jobs:
Volunteer PR Specialist
Volunteer Business Planner
Volunteer Grant Writer
Volunteer Web Designer
Wider interest?

These are not 'CE jobs', DAAF has a different focus. But they again raise questions about how CE charities operate and its present place in public awareness.
  1. One does not see much job-advertising in Conductive Education charities based upon donations of work
  2. One does not see much job-advertising in Conductive Education directed towards raising and maintaining public awareness
  3. One does not see much job-advertising in Conductive Education on Linked-in, one of the things that it is designed for, and free.
Working for nothing

Five years' experience with Conductive Education Press shows that one can work entirely through volunteer labour. It is not always easy but there are also gains (not just financial).

No one-thing-or-the-other solution is being suggested here. There is a considerable body of people who already give freely of their spare time and energy around the world to raise money for Conductive Education, much of which of course goes towards the salaries and add-on costs of the employed (i.e. paid) staff who make up the spending side of the sector. Noted here is the still largely untapped possibility for greater use of volunteers, people who 'want to give something back' into other sectors of the business. Of course this happens here and there, and always has, with founders and trustees often doing it invisibly. Maybe there is more of it about than is heralded but this sub-sector just does not have a public voice to express itself.

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