Saturday, 1 February 2014


And let's hear it again for grandparents

The Conductive Learning Centre of Greater Cincinnati has made it on to the pages of the New York times in a report of Diana Spiegel's personal, business-based fund-raising drive:
'To operate a nonprofit you can’t just have a good heart. You’ve got to know what you’re doing.'
Cash-strapped CE centres elsewhere might find considerable food for thought to what Donna does to raise cash for Cincinnati's CLC through her Snooty Fox store chain last year $150,000 + $94,000 + more.

Conductive World mentioned Donna briefly in 2010, linking to a long article in a local business magazine That article is no longer live on line, but there is plenty more on the Internet.

Two items in the New York Times on the same day – now there's public awareness and status for Conductive Education such as has not been achieved for a long time, anywhere... Not perhaps since the sad story of Margie LeVant in the Washington Post back in 1998 (this is another story, and will feature in Conductive World very soon)..


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