Monday, 17 February 2014


Conductors and other staff lose jobs
Parents not informed
Maybe staff can rescue something...

CPC Kent closed this weekend, apparently with short notice and no proper arrangements for clients and staff.

Lynne Cox reports –
Four specialist education conductors and the fundraising staff are now without jobs. Conductor Agie Burley, 40, claimed they were left in the dark about the charity’s situation.
She said: 'The manager resigned in December and then our chairman, Jan Dennis, left in January. We continued to work and got paid that month, but then during the first week in February we got an email from trustees to say there was no more work. It’s the children who are going to miss out. No one had told the parents. We had to tell them what had happened, they were devastated. We have received so many heartbreaking letters.'
Mrs Burley and her colleagues have vowed to try to provide some sessions for youngsters during the summer holidays and on Saturdays if they can find another building to operate from.
Mrs Burley said: 'We provide a unique service of conductive education, which is sought after all over the world. We would love to continue our work, but we will need to find a place for free or for a moderate charge for Saturdays and school holiday times to start with and get some funds to cover the charge of the conductors. This would allow us to continue helping our families.'
If you know a suitable venue the staff can use for free or a minimal cost, call Mrs Burley on 07837562633.
It is the way of life that some services will come to an end. How this example is reported to have happened looks like an object lesson in how not to do such things. Prudent surely in 2014 to maintain contingency plans for the worst of all possible institutional outcomes, with especial attention to users and workers.
Smiley Steps Centre as was
Cox, L. (2014) Devastated as Medway children's charity CPC Kent closes after 30 years, Medway Messenger, 17 February

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