Friday, 14 February 2014


Festival of lanterns

Chinese New Year celebrations finish with the Festival of Lanterns, on the 15th day of the first lunar month of the year.

Time for a quick round-up

A couple of weeks ago Conductive World boldly announced that it would soon be the Chinese New Lunar Year, to mark which it would be posting a few 'Chinese' items. This was bold since I had no idea where these might come from. In the event, the following postings have appeared:

28 January
China: five years back

30 January
Today is New Year's Eve

31 January
Happy Year of the Horse

2 February
Lots of people like Chinese food

3 February
China: Oh cripes!

7 February
Researching Oriental Conductive Education

10 February
A conductive organisation

13 February
Wisdom of the Orient?

14 February

Nine random topics in just over 15 days, enough I hope for present purposes, to indicate again that there is another world out there. Finding these nine was simple, mainly serendipity, keeping an eye open
  • one personal enquiry
  • a dip into Google
  • a rummage in an old box
Seek, and ye shall find.

One last horse for now

The most visited posting in this crop so far has been 'A conductive organisation', to which Norman Perrin has posted a heartfelt Comment.

What he wrote reminded me forceably what different worlds we live and work in, East and West. What pluses and minuses. Here is a Western aphorism, mathematically expressed, not of course a universal principle:

h → w ≠ d


h = horse
w= water
d = drink

Whatever distinctions there might be made between modern-day Western and Oriental Conductive Education, it may be on this dimension that we in the West could find most to consider.

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