Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Dilemmas of separation in the world of CE

One of several unusual features of the world of Conductive Education has been separation from home – especially from family.
  • From the earliest days of the Conductive Education story this was most remarkable in that Andrá Pető's Institute in Hungary was largely residential for its children – and their separation from families was generally an extreme one. There are still children whose access to Conductive Education removes them from home.
  • Then in the early days of the internationalisation of Conductive Education it was whole families who uprooted themselves. This too still happens.
  • One reason that this is far less common now is that the tide soon started flowing in the opposite direction, It was conductors who left home to live and work, and often to settle, in unfamiliar places far from home. And not just Hungarian conductors, by a long chalk.
But however settled one may become in a new, there may always remain the problem of loved ones left behind. And as life goes on, and everyone grows older, then paradoxically those problems may increase.

Between 1986 and 1990 Ralph Strzałkowski experienced something of the childhood separation of being a pupil at the Pető Institute. Now he is living and working in the USA, while his parents remain in Poland –
...when the news first broke, I was even a bit afraid to open my email or look at my phone in the morning. You want to put it off for a bit, not face the day and what it throws at you just yet. I know it's silly. But sometimes I like having that extra five minutes of not knowing, before I compose myself. I know it's there's some news. I see my phone blinking. But before I go on I take a minute...

How many human dilemmas of separation must there be in the world of CE. Those of us who enjoy the luxury of involvement with Conductive Education close to home ought never to forget how lucky they have been.


Strzałkowski, R, (2014) A matter of the heart, Lawyer on Wheels, 24 February

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