Saturday, 18 January 2014


A lady has sung

I have left "Mária Hári" among my Google Alerts, to spot what might come up about her on the worldwide web, but this rarely rings out nowadays with something new. I had at one time hoped that the the creation of the Mária Hári Library at the Pető Institute in Budapest might lead to publication of further papers, perhaps even a resurgence of interest amongst scholars and conductors to create a worthy 'Háriology'. Ah, well, patience is its own reward...

Mária Hári is not a common name, in Hungary or anywhere else. There was a Hungarian Tibetologist and lexicographer but she also seems to evoke no fresh interest nowadays. It was a pleasant surprise, therefore to be awakened (early) to a new YouTube video:

'Maria Hari' on YouTube

Not what I had hoped for. We are in a folkloric tavern, with lots of rough wood and boldly patterned weaving. An instrumental group strikes up appropriate music, and some big lads, appropriately costumed, strike up appropriate poses and do an appropriate dance.

At the foot of the picture a label tells me that this comes from Tiankov TV in Sofia, Bulgaria. It also tells me that I am watching Ана-Мария Хари Христов Айше мори (Ana-Maria Hari Hristov Aishe mori). I have no idea what this means.

A gentleman in a suit sings, the band plays on and the lads continue dancing. Everybody smiles. Then a blond lady in a sparkly black trouser-suit make her entrance and joins in the singing. Can she be Ana-Maria Hari?

She is certainly not Mária Jozefa Hári of Conductive Education fame. Still, the video is a glimpse into yet another EU country and people of whom I know virtually nothing and a few minutes' easy-listening. I see that Ana-Maria Hari already has 27 YouTube videos, so no doubt I shall hear of her again.

There is a already another version of this song, outdoors this time, from Bulgaria's Folklor TV:

I don't believe in omens

Do they think it's all over as far as 'our' Mária Hári concerned? I hope and trust that it isn't.

Even now that the Bulgarian lady has sung...

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