Sunday, 26 January 2014


Professional day in Hamar

I am sitting on a train that is gliding through snowy forests to the north of Oslo, having been to Hamar for a professional day with PTØ.. Twenty people were there, from PTØ's four centres. Outside my carriage window there's more snow falling and any water that is not running fast is well frozen over. The train of course is running on the dot.

Lovely country: it works. Lovely people: they work too but they seem to do this free of the destructive financial stringencies and managerialist frenzy that wreck so many workplaces and their potential in my own country. Recognising that I may hold partial, romanticised, rose-tinted views of this chill Trumpton of the North, the heirs of Noggin the Nog seems to have things pretty together.

Of course, the Norwegian economy floats on a sea of oil, North Sea oil to be precise, which certainly lubricates the wheels of life. This will not last to ever, but in the meantime its benefits seem to be enjoyed with a degree of well-heeled prudence and a sensible an eye to planning for the future. Which brings me to Conductive Education.

I have followed the saga of CE in Norway since it began some time in the early nineties (and not just PTØ). Like in all good sagas, there have been ups and downs and diversions, times of feasting and some battles too. Its own version of CE's story almost everywhere. In 2014 PTØ looks ready and well-provisioned for what might come next.



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