Monday, 27 January 2014


Intended commencement: Autumn 2015
An undergraduate course of study in special pedagogy with a focus on conductive pedagogy is planned at the Evangelische Hochschüle Nürnberg (Nuremberg Protestant College).
A positive meeting was held between representatives of the Bavarian Ministry of Social Affairs, Culture and Science, the Protestant University, the the Pfennigparade Foundation Munich and the German Conductors' Union in July of last year. All three ministries were positive about the course. The Ministry of Social Affairs and the Pfennigparade Foundation have offered financial support towards start-up funding over the immediate three to five years. The Ministry of Science is looking at the legal framework and will promote the planned 15 study places within the higher education plan.
An endowed chair [professorship] will be established for teachers in the focus area of conductive pedagogy focus area.
The course begins with the winter semester 2015/2016.

Wieviel stunden?

The course will award a bachelor's degree, a BA. It will extend over seven semesters, three and a half years. Read a little more detail about its content and structure:

It will be possible to spend some of the required practice time outside Germany.

Evangelische Hochschüle Nünrnberg

Information for foreign students:

A chair in conductive pedagogy?

Now there's something.

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