Tuesday, 28 January 2014


A bit of a base line

Seeking something else in back-postings of Conductive World today I came across an old item on Conductive Education in China with a fault in its formatting. So I opened the posting up and corrected the fault. In doing so I also re-read what I had written five years ago.

The posting is just over five years old. Those five years have been a long time in Conductive Education – and they have certainly been a long time in the recent social and economic history of China!

Since then there has been the VII. World Congress, held in Hong Kong and optimistically entitled East meets West. Since then, the Disabled People's Federation of China has made a formal connection with Tsad Kadima in Israel, the Hungarian CE company Moira has begun working in China, and I believe that individual conductors are beginning to appear there.

I myself hope that I understand a tiny bit more now about the question of Conductive Education in China (引导式教育), though this does not amount to a lot.

Here then is that posting, reformatted and a little out of date:

Sutton, A, (2009) Conductive Education in China: food for thought, Conductive World, 4 January

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