Friday, 31 January 2014


(February 2009  January 2014)

The blog was first published on 9 February 2009, as an occasional 'administrative supplement' to, but is now closing transmission.

Today's posting is only the eighteenth on over these five years. Over this time it has received 112,614 page views – and 862 spam adverts in the form of anonymous or pseudonymous Comments (none of these were published).

The blog is archived on the Wayback Machine, where it can still be read. One may also cut and paste from there if required. Please feel free to do so if you find any of it helpful (acknowledgements of source are always welcome):

The particular Blogger format used proved very difficult to operate, which frankly made it aversive to use – I therefore increasingly neglected my '.com', incorporating elsewhere the sort of materials that it might have published .

Continue to follow me on line through my contributions to the following sites:
Thank you for visiting.

 NB This blog,, will of course continue as before.



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