Sunday, 15 December 2013


Free Judit Szathmáry

Judit Szathmáry writes –
I am offering free online support via e-mails for individuals who have an interest and questions about Conductive Education in general or on a personal level between 16th December 2013 and 16th January 2014.
I am doing this as an expression of my gratitude for the love, care and support I have been given over the years related to my conductive education work from everyone: strangers, acquaintances, colleagues and friends.
If you would like me to help you with your project or with your personal enquiries please email me with a subject title at:
The year's rhythm is such that around now many (most) of those who labour in Conductive Education take a break from their usual work activities.
  • They may be glad of the rest or, contrarily, they may seize the opportunity to go off and earn a little extra.
  • For some, no work means no income. Others have their salaries continue unabated, whatever they do.
  • Some may welcome this break. Others may dislike its intrusion upon their work.
  • Others still may find the break still not enough to 'catch up on work' -- never mind get ahead of it.
  • And there are others who will find themselves at a loose end.
Maybe some loose-enders, especially those on salaries, might think of 'putting a little back' by doing something for others, for free. Call this the spirit of Christmas, or maybe even the spirit of András Pető.
And of course there are people in Conductive Education, as in all walks of life, who do things for free anyway, 52/52. 
Most importantly, for the people at the heart of the whole business, there is no break all. Whatever the season, life goes on, 'conductively' or otherwise.

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