Monday, 16 December 2013


Further fuss forecast
And good news in the hand

This afternoon, on behalf of the Pető Institute, Ádám Makk wrote, via Facebook –
The Pető Institute enjoys special moral and social support. The government of Hungary sees the Pető Institute’s work as a special national value and claims that the Pető method is placed under protection. Apparently the parties of the opposition demand stronger financial support now.
In the spring of 2014 a parliamentary election will be held in Hungary. Sadly, in the political campaign character assassination and reputation tarnishing strategies play a crucial role. Thus the Pető Institute may have fallen victim to the electoral campaign.
The election is to take place in April, we are afraid that we shall see further news aimed at discrediting.
Posts should be interpreted and forwarded considering also this context.Thank you for your supportive attention.
Meanwhile, welcome good news

Earlier today, from the diaspora, conductor Tamás Magyar wrote, also via Facebook,
Dear Andrew,

Did you read this already? Just to have some positive news as well.
Best greetings,

Tamás Magyar
Yes Tamás, I did, in the early hours, and I intended announcing it tonight. Sorry for the delay: I would have acted earlier but I cannot fathom exactly what is going on here. The item that you cite reports that the Pető Institute has topped some sort of national higher-education league table in Hungary, an extraordinary achievement for any institution specialising in such hard, often very personal vocational work with disabled children and adults, anywhere. I cannot, however, understand how this ranking is achieved and what it means – my Hungarian just isn't up to the job.

Perhaps this outcome says some very remarkable things – but without knowing more we outside Hungary cannot be at all sure what these might be. Help, please.


(2013) 2014-es egyetemi rangsor: az öt legjobb pedagógusképző egyetem és főiskola, Eduline, 13 December

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