Saturday, 7 December 2013


Getting on with it

From the latest edition of the embarrassingly full newsletter of the New Zealand Foundation of Conductive Education –
A recent survey established that as at September a total of 249 young persons and adults are accessing Conductive Education in the eleven facilities that exist throughout New Zealand.
Conductors are currently on Immigration’s Long Term Shortages List which enables centres to be able to fast-track the process of obtaining the necessary visas for newly contracted conductors to gain entry to New Zealand... NZFCE has submitted a proposal to Immigration in support of the retention of conductors on this list.
Conductors: 'They are many things, they teach us, they show us, they help us, they support us and they are family. If they don’t know they will find an answer, if it doesn’t work they will simply find a way that does. They are involved and they invest themselves in our children. They are more than they have to be, because they want to be. We cannot say enough about them. We have felt blessed. They made it feel very OK and normal to be doing this with Phoebe and it didn’t feel complicated or tough.' (Chris Harris, former Black Caps player)
'He has improved tremendously and does not complain of pain as he did when he started this year.' (Weerasinghe family, whose son has just restarted with CE in Cashmere's new post-school facility)
'After those long conversations and the many presentations we were involved in, all of us agreed that it is as quoted here in the title of Virag’s presentation at the congress: It is good to be a conductor in New Zealand.' (Conclusion of conductors' report of 8th World CE Congress)
(p. 5)
There follow seven pages of reports from the eleven NZ centres – and a growing contact page. See it all:



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