Wednesday, 11 December 2013


No other way?

Yesterday the Hungarian daily newspaper Népszava returned to the complaints of the financial health of the Pető Institute in Budapest, a matter that it had already raised in some detail nearly three weeks ago, along with publication of acquired documents.

I doubt that I would understand any of the details of this even if it were in English. For those who might understand them, however, both the earlier reports and yesterday's were notified briefly on Conductive World's Facebook page, for the sake of those who might – and for the record:
28 November

10 December
The situation, as far could be discerned from Népszava was also outlined a little more fully on Conductive World :

News management strategy

Now that the affair has blown up again, and an hour ago conductor Ádám Mokk who bravely serves as the PAI's public spokesman on such matters has posted as follows on Conductive World's Facebook page –
On behalf of the management of the College and of its Pető Practice Education Institute we express our sincere thanks for the well-meaning inquiries and the support we have received Following media releases in connection with the name of the Pető Institute in the past few months.
In the current situation, as always before, all our efforts are Concentrated on our mission: the development of Conductive Those in our care and the Training of our students.
In the interest of solving the problems we have been facing since 2005, we added anonymously Initiated Shall resume consultations with the competent Authorities, we have the supportive cooperation of the government.

Add our present announcement we distance ourselves from and protest against any representation of the difficult situation of the Pető Institute as hopeless and critical, be it in Hungary or abroad.

I have replied to him there as follows –
I thank you Ádám, for passing the message so clearly. I am sure so that many people appreciate the PAI's very difficult position. I hope you appreciate outsiders' concerns and their need to understand, and relay back that there are so many abroad, presumably including many potential future customers, who would warm to a response that includes more than just 'distancing'. Good luck to you all.
I am pleased to see that Ádám has already clicked 'Like' under my reply.

Like happened nearly three weeks ago, by the way, the rest of the Magyar media is not doing itself much credit over this:


Sutton, A. (2013) Hír... Here we go again! PAI: grim news in Hungarian media, Budapest's finest called in, Conductive World, 28 November

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