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Christmas offensive on Pető Institute front?

'Dialogue for Hungary' (PM – Párbeszéd Magyarországért) is a small independent political party in the Hungarian Parliament, that has taken a prominent role in alleging financial irregularity and political involvement at the Pető Institute. 

Today Timea Szabó, PM Member of Parliament, has held a further outspoken press conference to press her case further:

She is hammering her points home on her Facebook page:

And the Hungarian press is yapping along at her heels:

Presumably she has plans for how she will be following this up...

What a time to launch an attack. Hardly cricket.

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Blogger Andrew DSutton said...

The same story but in a better English translation than I could manage, appeared this morning in, an English-language Hungarian online newspaper...


Hungary’s Peto Institute, known worldwide for treating children with locomotive disorders, is still on the verge of bankruptcy, Timea Szabo, co-leader of the E14-PM electoral alliance, told a press conference on Thursday.

Szabo said close to zero progress had been made in nationalising the institute.

Referring to a written response by Human Resources Ministry State Secretary Andras Doncsev to her query, Szabo cited Doncsev as saying that the ministry had nothing to do with the institute’s “anomalies” since it was not run by the state. She noted, however, that since the state provides 90 percent of its resources, the institute is accountable to the Treasury and the State Audit Office.

Szabo accused Human Resources Minister Zoltan Balog and the government of lying when it rejected a report alleging that it planned to move the state-owned health-care management institute GYEMSZI to one of the Peto institute’s buildings. She showed an e-mail exchange between Peto Institute and GYEMSZI indicating the move to Peto’s facility in Kutvolgyi street. Several of the Peto Institute’s managers are close to the ruling Fidesz party, she added.

Szabo demanded that the government and the Peto Institute’s leadership launch an immediate audit of the institute’s finances.

News portal Index reported in August that the Peto Institute’s income had declined from the previous annual level of 2.2 billion forints (EUR 7.3m) to 1.5 billion. Szabo, an independent MP, submitted a bill that would have allocated 500 million forints (EUR 1.6m) of emergency aid to the institute, but lawmakers rejected it.

The Human Resources Ministry said that it would support the Peto Institute with about 420 million forints in the forthcoming year.

Rector Franz Schaffhauser told MTI earlier that the Andras Peto Institute of Conductive Education and Conductor Training College had faced financial troubles for several years but counted on support from the government.

Two days ago conductor/spokesman Ádám Makk wrote –

The election is to take place in April, we are afraid that we shall see further news aimed at discrediting....

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