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Mystery of CESK – click to check

Is anyone able to answer the question of whether this once major employer of conductors still exists – and if so what happens there?

This morning Facebook threw me up a note. The page that I was looking at, it said, likes CESK. Click – and I am on CESK's Facebook page. Other people, I see, like it too and, as is often the case, I wonder whyus. I also see some people listed who have worked there (with their pictures of course):


This is a bit of a mystery to me, since I understood CESK to have imploded some time ago. I know that there are continuing personal conductor presences in Kuwait. Maybe it has been resurrected. If it has, then this is what it is said to do 
The Conductive Education School, Kuwait (abbreviated CESK) was established in September 2003 to offer educational and rehabilitation services for students with special needs (including Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Global Development Delay, Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder, Down syndrome, genetic conditions ...

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia 

A quick look on Google finds CESK's name still very apparent in Cyberspace. It is 'the second largest conductive school in the world'; it is still on Wikipedia; it could be understood to offering jobs. Examples:

Google comes up with no primary sites, just secondary sources, that sites that, though not CESC themselves,  still mention CESK.

In April 2012 Conductive World extracted part of an entry from the International Schools Review 
Huge staff turn-over at Conductive Education School. Staff who stay don't know what their contract and conditions are for the next year. All the native English- speaking overseas and professional staff left.
Mostly Indian, African and Egyptian staff teaching the English syllabus at Conductive Education School. The board doesn't know what it is doing and doesn't care about...
Conductive World's usual plea for more information attracted the usual response – radio silence – despite the considerable number of conductors who had spent time working there over the years. I can find no subsequent up-to-date independent reviews.

So what is happening on Facebook?

CESC's Facebook page makes this very clear  
This Page is automatically generated based on what Facebook users are interested in and not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with the topic.


Brilliant! A computer-generated page.

So far 33 people say that they like it. If you are one of them Facebook has posted your picture there too.


So (as ever, optimistic to a fault) can anyone tell what is happening in Kuwait?

And do remember to be careful what you say you like on Facebook.


Sutton, A, (2012) Conductive Education School Kuwait. What is going on? Conductive World, 20 April


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