Sunday, 1 December 2013


Row, row, row the boat...
From Rhodha Waiss via Facebook: an exuberant, statement, a photo link, and a request –
There's nothing more powerful than the human spirit saying 'I can'... see the picture posted on 28 September.
Our son, Liam was a 28-weeker and has cerebral palsy (moderate/severe spastic quadriplegia). Thanks to an early introduction to Conductive Education, he dares to dream.
I have two sons (17 and 12). The 17-year-old is in 4th-year rowing with Sarasota crew in Sarasota in Florida, and little brother Liam wants to do everything that big brother Triston does. Thanks to some wonderful people at the new emerging Nathan Benderson Park, at their Inaugural Sarasota/Bradenton Head Race that dream came true.
Why so special? Liam was born three months premature and has severe cerebral palsy. The boat was the adaptive double and for his brother to be the one to take him on his very first experience in a rowing scull like that, on this amazing course in the inaugural head race put together by our head coach, was just such a treat. They even gave Liam a 1st place medal of his very own! You never saw a bigger smile from a happier little boy! Not a dry eye in the house!
Please view this picture and caption of our precious Liam... then share the link on your walls as a public post so that more children/individuals like him and families like ours find the courage to dream and say 'I CAN TOO'!
I submitted the picture last week for their gallery... and they chose to post it as their Photo of the Day on Thanksgiving! In less then 48 hours it has come just seven views shy of 7000 views, making it one of the most popular pictures posted there, ever!
Woohoo! Go Liam (and big brother Triston).

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