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Communication on A. S. Makarenko

Professor Elena Ilaltdinova, head of the research laboratory for the Pedagogy of A. S. Makarenko, at the State Pedagogic University in Nizhnii Novgorod, had emailed me about next year's International Research Seminar of the International Makarenko Association, 'The Current State, History and Prospects of Makarenko Studies'.

The Symposium will be held largely in remote form and by correspondence. 


This should be a heftily academic symposium. The last one took place in Marberg in 1989, with the 402-page collection of its materials published in 1994! The Internet promises to make for much quicker action this time around.

Whether of not Conductive Education and Makarenko's pedagogy will ever have anything to say to each other, as they really should, remains to be seen. Elsewhere I have noted my disappointment at how little the great majority of conductors appear to have a conscious understanding of Makarenkoist pedagogy and upbringing above an awareness level (an often misguided awareness at that):

At the time (2010) I put in the usual plea for information from within Conductive Education – and received the usual zero response. I do, though, already know that there is at least one conductor out there passionate about A. S. Makarenko and his work:

Perhaps there are more. If anyone wishes to respond to the questions raised in that earlier posting of mine, or in any other way, then do please get in touch.

From time to time over 2014 Conductive World will post further materials, either on this blog or on Facebook,  in the hope of attracting further individuals who might care, either from within Conduction Education or, more likely, from without.

...and form

The 8th World Conductive Education Congress made it very clear that the mega-meeting model that it represents is no longer sustainable as a means of academic/professional communication within Conductive Education. Even if there should indeed be a ninth such 'congress', in Budapest in three or four years time, Conductive Education requires and deserves better models for exchanging information and stimulating ideas.

Conductive World will also therefore be outlining what I can learn from my experience with this virtual conference. Elena Ilaltdinova writes of a six months' process, commencing in January: 
  • participants' papers published on line
  • members of the Scientific Committee to make reports on these
  • generalization and discussion of published papers on-line on a webinar
Then the Seminar's concluding document will be discussed.

In the context of the future development of Conductive Education, think about it. It too could most certainly be great fun and exciting intellectual stimulation. 


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