Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Definition of Conductive Education

The term 'conductive education' has been defined for some years now in the British English-language dictionaries. What they have to say about it varies slightly but better or worse these dictionary definitions have in common that they all represent rather out-of-date understandings.

By extension, implicitly or explicitly, 'conductors' also get defined.

The American dictionaries have yet to pick up on the world of Conductive Education, and this goes for dictionaries of European languages too (I do not know whether this includes recent Magyar dictionaries – surly by now these will have admitted this world-famous Hungaricum to the national lexicon under at least one of its names).

Some twenty-odd years ago I composed the first British dictionary entry for 'conductive education' (in Collins). What I wrote then seemed smart enough in its time – but looks really creaking now! So how might I write a definition in 2013?

A definition for today

I have drafted a new definition of Conductive Education and chanced posting it on line at:

This is not strictly a dictionary-style definition of Conductive Education, since I have also noted some common misunderstandings.

It has has also seemed appropriate to include a few words about the eponymous András Pető.

This amounts to no more than a working document. I should welcome comments and suggestions, and would like to hear of alternative definitions elsewhere.

I expect that other people have their own definitions of Conductive Education – and I should welcome sharing these too.

Yes, I do know the Wikipedia entry on Conductive Education...



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