Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Has it much else to say?

The website of the 8th World Congress on Conductive Education has been trimmed of its pre-congress preparatory material and settled into what will probably serve as basis of the permanent, official, online record of this event, in both German and English:

There will also of course remain other online record, from other sources. For the moment anyway, almost all the press coverage has been in German, while all personal comment is in English.

Final word?

An omission of WC8 was an end-of-Congress communiqué, summing new advances, trends, etc. from the world of Conductive Education – particularly telling in view of vital issues currently affecting the field from within and without. 

Perhaps a the press release on this site, dated 'October 2013', serves in its stead:

The release opens with brief logistical overview of the Congress and mention that young disabled adults contributed. The rest concerns the round table on political and financial problems in Germany.

Not a wholly new insight, but nicely stated, is reported here from what was said at this round table by Gernot Steinmann of Pfennigparade –

...when promoting Conductive Education as a complex system it encounters a divided German system, in which every part of the body has its own financing body.

The problem may be of prime importance in Germany, but it is not uniquely German.


WC8's Facebook page of course persists (mainly English), as does its associated 'young faces' page (mainly German):

To come

Gill Maguire is compiling and collating an independent guide to this Congress on line, to appear soon.

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