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(No, not that one)

Diána Groó is a Hungarian film-maker. Her film has recently been having art-house showings in London.

In 2005-6 she directed Előttem az élet (English title: 'The way of the future')

Seven children and young disabled people who grew up in the Pető Institute for Conductive Education in Budapest start out to the future.
Did you come alone to school?
Of cause! Why not?
And you were not afraid?
Afraid? Of what?
Conductive Education, is a future-oriented approach to the lives of children and adults with motor disorders, and those who care for them and their futures. It is more than physical therapy, it’s an educational approach. It opens a whole new world for the families, challenging children physically and encouraging forming them as individuals too.  Conductive Education was founded by a Hungarian physician, András Pető.

Előttem az élet is now online

Rita 6, Rasi 13, Vince 15, Iza 14, Robi 23, Péter és Kriszta 33 évesek. Mindannyian a budapesti Pető Intézet falai között töltötték gyerekkorukat. Egyszerre mindannyian elindultak. Ki az életbe... Groó Diána filmje.

In September the complete film was uploaded to YouTube by Márk Szabó:

It is well worth watching (it is 78 minutes long), even if you do not understand a word of Hungarian – if only to help clear away a few myths:

(There are also some interesting insights in English, starting from about 51 minutes in.)

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